Testimonials Hero Mobile

"Mashallah, the place is elegant, the fashion is very beautiful, and the treatment of the employees is very comfortable, especially the employee, Hedaya, who attracts with her style and elegance."

Hala Makhzom

"One of the finest and most beautiful dresses... Also, the treatment of the female employees is wonderful, and they are distinguished by Madame Hedaya, who is very wonderful in dealing and top notch with morals... "

Meme Httan

"The service and handling is very excellent. They helped me with the choice and were very helpful. Elegant and distinctive dresses. "

Rawan Alyahya

"One of the best stores for (bride) dresses from my research in Riyadh and a cooperative and lovely staff .. But 8 years ago the branch was more beautiful and larger and the size of the bride and the room were very beautiful, but now it looks smaller, but the designs are still beautiful. "

Bdoor Fahad

"The employee, Duha Al-Otaibi, is one of the most beautiful and wonderful people that we deal with. A woman who is up to her in the sense of the word and gives from her heart and explains everything and treats the bride as if she is her sister, and God is unable to describe her. This is the least that can be said about her. "

Kk K